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AAFD Members - Temperature Screening
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Franchisees & Dealers (AAFD)

Atmofizer - Breathe With Confidence

The most efficient, most secure, most economic, and most sustainable air purification technology on the market

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Silver Ions: The Antimicrobial Compound

The antimicrobial compound is an inorganic material whose active ingredient is an ionic silver encapsulated in a zeolite matrix for continuous controlled release to the surface of the treated steel. Silver ions suppress the growth of destructive bacteria and other microbes. A polymer based paint containing the compound is applied uniformly to the steel.

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We are Excited to be the Exclusive U.S. Distributor of 24Hr BLUE Antimicrobial Technology

If it's Blue, you can go through™  -  Thirty8 Degrees is proud to present 24Hr BLUE Self-cleaning antimicrobial technology designed for high touch surfaces based on proven science supported by a 10 year case study from the University of Arizona. 

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Thirty8 Degrees is Proud to Welcome Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Praveen Arla to the Team!

Dr. Praveen Arla, is a board-certified physician practicing both internal medicine and pediatrics. Improving patient care throughout the medical continuum is a passion and a priority. We're excited to have him join the team to bring the latest medical news and resources.

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FDA lifts requirements for fever screening devices

Telethermographic devices originally intended for industrial, construction and commercial use can be repurposed to assist in initial screening for fever and triage of individuals in high traffic areas such as airports and businesses under guidance issued by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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So Easy to Install

Takes only 30-45 Seconds to Install and lasts a minimum of 10 Years

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Works on any Handle or High Touch Surface

Retrofit onto any existing door handles, push pads, lock sets and more. The science behind the solution is a unique coating infused with silver ions called Agion. Using a sophisticated roll coating process to apply it to treated steel makes it extremely long lasting.

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THERMAL GUARD Temperature Screeners

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Sleek, Modern Design with Robust Features

The Thermal Guard is a touchless 8” digital LCD display that measures individual body temperature faster than taking a selfie and alerts you when it's higher than normal. This is much more than a fever scanner with features like Employee Time Stamping, AI Facial Recognition (can be enabled or disabled), On-Site Real Time Remote Viewing, integrates with maglocks, security doors, RFID Card Readers and many other features to suit your needs.

Instant & Accurate

Fever scan within ONE (1) second. No staffing required.
Detects temperatures accurately within ± 0.5 ºF.

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Employee Time Stamping

Keep track of your employees’ work schedules much more accurately. Our ‘One-Click Report Generation’ feature allows you to easily export your data directly to your payroll department.

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AI Facial Recognition

Enable or disable our ‘Facial Recognition’ feature depending
on your application or your local government privacy laws. Capability to store up to 30,000 faces.

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Mask Detection Technology

Allow or deny entry with alerts and push notifications which are customizable messages based on your company’s mask policy.

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Truly contactless unlike fingerprint readers and invasive thermometers. Thermal guns are much more costly when you take into account purchasing daily replaceable PPE wear for staff to operate at an hourly rate; especially considering thermal guns don't point themselves!

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On-Site Real Time Remote Viewing

Large high-resolution LCD display to use as a live surveillance visual.

Integrates with Readers & Doors

Integrates with RFID card readers to allow card identification access as well as various maglock doors and turnstiles to provide automated security access. 

Customizable Alerts

The system will alert you via email and/or text when a user has a high temperature or isn't wearing a mask.


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