What's the Difference Between a Handheld Thermal Gun Versus an Automated Temperature Screener?

If there was ever a time to do some research on thermal scanners and body temperatures, it is certainly now. The situation with COVID-19 has led to numerous questions and doubts about the symptoms and treatments. According to the World Health Organization, one of the defining symptoms of the virus is a high fever. In such a case, we would all want to make sure that we have the proper tool in handy to check for our body temperature.

So how can we be sure that we’re investing in the right kind of scanner for the most accurate readings? 

Multiple Point Fever Detection

For the longest time, the most common method used for fever detection has been a handheld thermal scanner or thermometer. By placing the device on a singular point, which is the forehead, it informs the user of their exact body temperature. While this seems to be the easiest way, it may not provide users with the most accurate of readings. 

There are a number of factors that could skew the reading when using a handheld thermal scanner. Since it only relies on a single point (forehead), if you are in extremely hot weather or running or sweating, the device will pick up on a higher temperature, even if it is not actually a fever. However, with an automated screening machine, it focuses on multiple points on your face, which increases the rate of accuracy. In addition, an automated screening machine allows for instantaneous results, along with facial recognition. 

Long term cost-effectiveness

A handheld thermal scanner may be on the cheaper price point, for individuals and companies, but the extra cost to keep it running is inevitable. Not only would it be needed to hire someone to keep a hold of the scanner, but they would need to be near within a few feet of you. This would prove to be an inconvenience since we are at a time of adhering to strict social distancing. 

With an automated machine, the contactless method proves not only to be the safest but also the most cost effective in the long run. Unlike with a handheld scanner, they do not possess batteries that need to be swapped out regularly, thereby falling further into the cost-effective category. 

Flexibility and ease with location

Thermal screening machines are also capable of data collection and evaluation, which can be incorporated into other systems and software. When it comes to being location friendly, automated screening machines are the way to go. The set up is quick and can be moved around quickly as well, without compromising the distance and contact within a crowd. 

To say that our lives have been impacted by COVID-19 would be a major understatement. It is quite possible that fever detection and regular thermal imaging anytime is the new reality that we have to live in. And that means having to rely on the most accurate body temperature readings now more than ever before.