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Thirty8 Degrees is committed to helping your business transition and thrive in the new normal. The future of retail technology has shifted and evolving at a pace that can be challenging for businesses to adapt. We've been helping businesses grow and adapt to digital technology for over 20 years. With presence in the USA, Canada, UK and the globe, we’re here to help you with emerging technologies to create a better and safer overall experience in the workplace.

Why Work with Us

As your business starts to reopen and get back to normal, we are committed to helping you get the right technology and tools in place. Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Praveen Arla, is a board-certified physician practicing both internal medicine and pediatrics. Improving patient care throughout the medical continuum is a passion and a priority, which is why he has been featured multiple times in USA Today as a voice for primary care physicians and had been a regular contributor to The Courier-Journal with a column on preventative medicine. 

He has been on the front lines during the COVID19 pandemic providing help with policy and telehealth expertise as well participating in giving free COVID19 testing for the community. He has intimately been apart of caring for COVID19 positive patients in the both the ICU and outpatient medical settings. His expertise in health care and medical technology has been useful in shaping policy both on local and national levels.

Through thermal imaging technology, our mission is to protect your environment and your staff - the most valuable assets in your business. The first step and what will be on everyone’s mind is health and safety. Governments are implementing measures for companies to adopt and we will continue to bring you medical updates on the latest news in the US, Canada and around the world.

Our Temperature Screening System

When our team developed this, we wanted to make sure that our technology and features are superior and that it checked all the boxes to justify the investment and in order to produce the right ROI for your company.


Instant - effortlessly scan each person in under 3 seconds. Works immediately after the device is powered on – no calibration needed.
Accurate - the unit has an accurate infrared thermal sensor collecting the average of 32 multi-points on your face and detects body temperature at an accuracy of ± 0.5 ºF.
Easy to Use - simple plug and play with a slim, modern design.
Contactless - touch-less to the user and does not require any participation from an employee.
Mask Detection - a less obtrusive way to scan employees and patrons. Users can also be denied access if there's no mask detected.
Facial Recognition - our thermal imaging technology also uses facial recognition and can deny access to strangers and unauthorized people. Time-stamp employees.
Comfortable - avoid the unpleasant experience to have an employee or security guard pointing handheld devices at guests. Protect your establishment with minimal distraction & effort.
Push Notifications - you can set it to notify you for what’s most convenient, delivering via email or SMS.

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The New Normal

Everyone has been affected by the recent COVID pandemic and things will never be the same as a result. The risk and impact on our lives, our planet and our economies is far too great. This coronavirus pandemic has forever changed the way we do business and interact with one another, whether we like it or not. As businesses reopen in the US, Canada and around the world, measures will be taken for people to feel safe when traveling to restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, malls, theatres, grocery stores, schools, universities, libraries, stadiums - basically everywhere.

To us, The "the new normal" is taking the lessons learned from the Covid19 pandemic to create better and healthier environments, build and sustain communities & take collective action to support small and medium businesses.
The public will need extra reassurance and businesses will have to take extra measures to make all workplaces a safer environment for all. We're here to help you open and grow your business effectively and safely.

Be Careful of Low Quality Knock-Offs

There are a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon and taking advantage of the whole COVID situation. When doing your diligence, please make sure you trust the business selling any products claiming to have all these same features. Our team did a lot of product development and testing to ensure the system and features are robust and work for your business long-term.

Our only objectives are to deliver a quality product, provide a vast number of features and peace of mind that you are doing business with a local North American company. We highly value and pride ourselves on impeccable service to give you peace of mind. Our reputation and business relationships are at top of mind and we never compromise quality or service.

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