Temperature Screening for Airports

Airport Temperature Screeners

Airports are definitely one of the more susceptible places when it comes to contagious diseases, especially COVID-19. And while international and domestic travel has been shut for the most part, it is slowly starting back up. With screening measures already in place, our temperature screening system is bound to make the process easier and more efficient. 

Given that the device is location friendly with an easy set-up, it can be easily installed and removed with flexibility. Our screening system is equipped to scan a large number of people, with each person’s scan only taking about 3 seconds to give a result. In a place as busy and bustling as an airport, this feature is a huge plus point. Not only does it assist with quick detection, but it is contactless as well, with no participation required from an additional person. 

Our temperature screening system plays a major role when it comes to protecting airline members and airport staff too. Facial recognition software can be used for employees, providing a quick scan before they enter the airport. Since the device set-up is quick and capable of being moved around with ease, it doesn’t compromise the distance and contact within a crowd. 

No one likes to have a handheld scanner or device pointed at them, especially at a time when we’re meant to be practising social distancing. Each of the scans are contactless and automatic, which provides a more comfortable experience for a traveller.