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24Hr BLUE Antimicrobial Coatings

How It Helps

Ensure a safe and sanitized environment for your patients, visitors, and medical staff by protecting high touch surfaces around the clinic. High touch surfaces contain bacteria that may be destructive which can result to the spread of infections if they do not have the proper maintenance. Antimicrobial coverings help solve this issue by preventing patients, visitors, and staff from being exposed to infections as well as preventing infections from being left behind on popular surfaces.

In medical and health care environments it is important to maintain a clean and sterilized environment to help protect visitors and staff, and to aid the recovery of patients. It is also beneficial to use these coverings to reassure patients and visitors that precaution is being taken to ensure their safety while being in medical environments.

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Why Us?

In a medical environment, there are many high touch surfaces that can become a risk to the spread of infection. Our antimicrobial covers help make this a quick and easy task to allow you to protect all your surfaces as quickly as possible. Installing the antimicrobial covering only takes 30-45 seconds, with no additional tools needed. Simply remove the adhesive and snap, push, and stick the coverings into place.

This is also a cost-effective solution; our antimicrobial coverings are long-lasting and uses high quality materials unlike other coatings. Regular replacements are not necessary, 24Hr Blue antimicrobial coatings lasts for 10 years due to our sophisticated rolling technique. In addition, 24Hr Blue antimicrobial coatings uses silver ions rather than copper ions which are short lived and require frequent replacements. 24Hr Blue antimicrobial coatings are also self-sanitizing which cuts down additional maintenance costs and allows more time, focus, and money to be spent on other measures to ensure the safety, cleanliness, and upkeep of clinics for your patients, visitors, and medical staff.

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AK Steel: Test Report from University of Arizona

Agion 10 Year

Agion Antimicrobial Treated Steel Paint Specification

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Protect Your High Touch Surfaces

Ensure the safety of your patients, visitors, and staff with proven science

Thermal guard device

Thermal Guard

How It Helps

Create a safe and secure environment for visitors and staff alike with our Thermal Guard Temperature Screening System. Instant results about body temperatures can be received with a high rate of accuracy. Along with being easy to set up, the procedure is contactless as well. Doctors and medical staff can get accurate data about their patients and anyone who enters the clinic, without any participation from individuals.

Not only does it protect the staff and patients, but it also elevates the reputation of the clinic or hospital and gets to be seen as an extra-safe space. In addition, the system is easy to use with minimal set up required. Mounting our temperature screening system will prove to be a precautionary measure that helps medical staff take care of themselves and their patients.

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Why Us?

It adds to the comfort level of patients and prevents the spread of infection from those with a higher fever temperature reading. With the mask detection feature in our screening system, it can be set to deny access to those who aren’t wearing a mask. The employees also have the option to scan their ID on the reader and also get an immediate body temperature scan with the facial recognition software.

Employers can monitor the past records of their staff as well, when it comes to the time they logged in for their shift, their temperature at the time and their photo, thereby adding in a further layer of safety.

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