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Public washrooms are facilities that receive constant and regular sanitation. However, with the impact of COVID-19, the sanitation procedure needs to be more rigorous and stricter. High touch surfaces can contain and grow infections and destructive bacteria, even more so in spaces like public washrooms where surfaces are exposed not only to touch, but to bodily fluids as well.

More frequent sanitation must be implemented in order to ensure the safety of everyone who uses public washrooms. It might be difficult and costly to sanitized surfaces after every use with manual maintenance. However, antimicrobial coatings can help solve this issue and continuously clean and sanitized surfaces 24/7.

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24Hr Blue antimicrobial coatings can sanitized surfaces by deactivating bacteria, mildew, mold, and viruses. The antimicrobial coatings use silver ion technology backed by proven science to suppress the growth of destructive bacteria. The antimicrobial coating lets out a continuous and controlled release of the silver ions to ensure sanitization 24/7.

24Hr Blue’s antimicrobial coating is effective for at least 10 years, reducing replacement and maintenance costs. The antimicrobial coating can also come in a variety of forms to ensure that every high touch surfaces of public washroom. 24Hr Blue’s antimicrobial covers can protect door pulls, railings, countertops. 24Hr Blue can also protect toilet seats with our custom application of antimicrobial coatings.

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As businesses and public venues start to open up once more, it is required to make sure each place is safe, including public washrooms. In addition to the restrooms being regularly sanitized and cleaned, it is also important for individuals’ temperatures to be checked before they use the public space. And so, having a temperature screening system installed would be effective.

An additional person would not be required to handle the device, since the entire process is contactless. All that the individuals would have to do is stand a few feet from the screen and get a quick scan, with the results available in about three seconds. The system will be set up in such a way that the person will not be given access to the washroom if their body temperature is above normal. The same applies for the mask detection feature, wherein someone can be denied access if they aren’t wearing a mask.

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The flexibility and simplicity of setting up the device, along with its easy usage makes it an ideal device for the mass temperature screening process. Each unit comes with a wall mount, which only adds to the convenience of installing it in place. There are plenty of alert options available, which include a siren and pop-up notification on a PC system. Push notifications can be altered in the system settings as well, ensuring that the user is notified either through email or SMS.

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