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24Hr BLUE Antimicrobial Coatings

How It Helps

The dine-in environment of restaurants needs a major change when it comes to the implementation of safety due to COVID-19. In addition to social distancing, rigorous measures must be implemented to help decrease the spread of infection.

High touch surfaces are common within restaurants such as chairs, tables, and menus. While these surfaces can be cleaned and sanitized after every use, there are some surfaces that cannot receive the same treatment due to the rush and busy environment of a restaurant. Surfaces such as entry doors cannot be constantly sanitized by the staff. The lack of sanitation could increase the spread of infections. By continuously sanitizing these surfaces we can decrease the risk of infections and ensure the safety of diners and staff. 24Hr Blue’s antimicrobial coatings is a solution that deactivates bacteria, mildew, mold, and viruses on these popular surfaces.

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Why Us?

The antimicrobial coatings are infused with silver ions which are much more effective than copper ions which are used in other antimicrobial coatings. The silver ions are continuously released onto the coating in a controlled manner to ensure that sanitization is occurring 24/7. These antimicrobial coverings are also self-cleaning. This eliminates the issue of surfaces not being sanitized as often as necessary and the need for wait staff to sanitized surfaces at a timely interval.

This is also a cost-effective solution. In addition to the lack of maintenance costs, our antimicrobial coatings also do not require constant, regular, and scheduled replacements. 24Hr Blue’s antimicrobial coating is made from high-quality material and is effective for up to 10 years based on proven science from a case study done by the University of Arizona.

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AK Steel: Test Report from University of Arizona

Agion 10 Year

Agion Antimicrobial Treated Steel Paint Specification

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Thermal guard device

Thermal Guard

How It Helps

The dine-in culture, which has been a part and parcel of people’s lives, is yet another aspect that has been affected since the start of COVID-19. Once restaurants are able to open up shop and welcome diners in once more, an extra layer of safety will have to be considered for customers’ positive experiences. And that’s where the Thirty8 Degrees’ temperature screening system comes in.

The results provided by the device are instant and highly accurate, thanks to the multi-point detection feature. The system focuses on 32 different points of an individual’s face, instead of only one point, which allows for a more accurate reading. The scan only takes about 3 seconds per person, which means any diner can be denied entry to the restaurant if their body temperature is above normal.

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Why Us?

The procedure is contactless too and diners can avoid the uncomfortable feeling of having someone point a handheld thermal scanner at them. The screening system has a mask detection feature wherein the restaurant staff and employees can be stopped from entering if they aren’t wearing a mask. The entire set-up and use is simple, with no additional software configuration needed.

The alert system is state of the art as well, with options that include strobe light, siren and a popup on a PC, which is of the utmost convenience to the employer. The temperature screening device also comes with a wall mount, which allows for a simple set-up. The contactless method is all the more effective, since it allows each person to stick to the social distancing structure.

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