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Eating out and watching sports with friends and family has changed due to the impact of COVID-19, now with slow re-openings, establishments need to be cautious when implementing new procedures to ensure the safety of their visitors and staff.

Keeping a clean and sanitized environment would be beneficial for the safety of the diners and staff of sports bars. Not only is food handled within these environments, but there are also multiple surfaces that are exposed to high contact. While areas such as tables, chairs, and utensils are often cleaned and sanitized after every use, other areas such as entry doors, countertops, and railings do not receive the same frequency of maintenance. These areas could house and grow infections and harmful bacteria. By keeping these areas clean, sports bars can be a safer place for everyone who comes by.

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Why Us?

24Hr Blue’s antimicrobial coatings can keep these surfaces clean by deactivating the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and viruses. The antimicrobial coating uses silver ion technology from a 10-year case study from the University of Arizona to keep these surfaces clean. The constant need of manual maintenance is no longer needed as these coatings continuously let out a controlled release to sanitize these surfaces.

24Hr Blue’s antimicrobial coatings are also costs effective. Other antimicrobial coverings are only effective for a few months, needing regular and frequent replacement in order to keep surfaces protected. However, 24Hr Blue’s antimicrobial coatings are effective for up to 10 years. This is because of the silver ion technology and the high quality and sophisticated rolling technique we use onto our treated steel.

In addition to the long-lasting product, we offer a variety of coating variations. Such as door pulls, kick pads, push plates, counter tops and railings. We even offer custom applications to ensure that every surface is protected for you and your customers.

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AK Steel: Test Report from University of Arizona

Agion 10 Year

Agion Antimicrobial Treated Steel Paint Specification

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Thermal guard device

Thermal Guard

How It Helps

Heading to your favourite sports bar with your friends to watch the big game and have some delicious food feels like a thing of the past. However, with businesses slowly reopening and getting things back on track, visiting bars and restaurants may be the norm again sooner than we think. And having a temperature screening system installed will certainly help in providing a safe environment.

With an accurate body temperature reading of +/-0.5 Fahrenheit, our screening system gives users instant results. Each scan only takes about 3 seconds, with a higher accuracy rate thanks to the multi-point detection. The infrared thermal sensor collects the average of 32 different points on the user’s face, which is more accurate than a handheld scanner. In addition, unlike a handheld scanner, this process is contactless and doesn’t require anyone to point a scanner at the user. This allows for a more comfortable experience for customers and employees, and helps to adhere to social distancing rules.

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Why Us?

The device is ready to use as soon it is plugged into the system and doesn’t require any additional software configuration. Each unit also comes with its own wall mount, which also aids in the simple and easy set-up. Alerting options for the device include a siren, strobe light and popup notification on a local PC system. Mask detection is yet another available feature, wherein customers can be denied entry to the bars if they are not wearing a mask. This helps to add in a further layer of safety for everyone else present at the bars.

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