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24Hr BLUE Antimicrobial Coatings

How It Helps

Although domestic and international travel are currently restricted due to COVID-19, tourist attractions need to start implementing safety procedures to ensure the safety of tourists and staff when they reopen. This is critical in environments like tourist attractions, where social distancing may not be as easily achievable.

One way to do so is to keep surfaces clean. Surfaces can contain and cultivate infections and destructive bacteria which can easily spread between people through touch, especially high touch surfaces. Tourist attractions contain many high touch surfaces due to the high volume of tourists and staff that visit these attractions. By keeping surfaces clean we can eliminate dangerous bacteria that reside in these areas and decrease the risk of spreading infection around the attraction.

24Hr Blue antimicrobial coating uses silver ion technology to deactivate bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew. The antimicrobial coating continuously lets out a controlled release of silver ions onto the surface to ensure the protection of the surface 24/7.

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Why Us?

We offer a variety of antimicrobial coatings. 24Hr Blue antimicrobial coatings can protect door pulls, kick plates, edge guards, railings, and countertops so areas such as entry ways, desks, and emergency exits can be safe to touch. 24Hr Blue also offers custom coatings for uniquely shaped high touch surfaces. No tools are required when it comes to installation, the covers simply need to be pushed in place after removing the adhesive tape. Since the installation is quick and simple, there is no need to close off areas around the attraction or spend hours installing the antimicrobial covers.

Using our antimicrobial coatings is also a cost-effective solution. 24Hr Blue antimicrobial coating is self-cleaning, reducing the need of manual maintenance and labour to keep attractions safe. There is also no need to have frequent replacements for these antimicrobial covers. Unlike other antimicrobial coating, 24Hr Blue’s antimicrobial coating is made up of high-quality materials and undergoes a sophisticated rolling process to ensure that the covers are long-lasting and effective for at least 10 years.

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AK Steel: Test Report from University of Arizona

Agion 10 Year

Agion Antimicrobial Treated Steel Paint Specification

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Thermal guard device

Thermal Guard

How It Helps

As parks, beaches and other tourist attractions have started to reopen everywhere, the need for the right temperature screening system can’t be denied. In the present time of social distancing, it has been advised to avoid forming a crowd if possible. That is why regular temperature screening is of critical importance, as it helps to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Our temperature screening system is capable of doing numerous scans at a quick pace, with each scan taking about 3 seconds. It can be set up and installed at the entrance of any tourist attraction spot, as it will then scan and read each individual’s body temperature while they wait in line. The device settings can be adjusted to deny entry to any visitor who has a higher temperature than the normal body temperature range. This not only keeps the other visitors safe but also protects the employees, due to contactless scanning.

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Why Us?

Going to visit most tourist attractions means an increased risk of the spread of infection. Having a temperature screening system like ours that is location friendly and flexible ensures early detection of anyone that might have even a slightly higher body temperature. The installation is an easy process with no additional software setup required.

Mask detection is one of the most prominent features of our device as well. Those without a mask can be denied access, thereby ensuring every visitor complies with the ‘wear a mask’ rule.

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