Temperature Screeners for Banquet Halls

It may be awhile before we’re able to host full fledged parties and events, but once we’re able, everyone needs to make sure that it’s being done in a safe and protected way. And sticking to social distancing is just one of the ways we can prevent the spread of COVID-19. The other is to have a good temperature screening system in place, and this is where Thirty8 Degrees comes in. 

Our screening system is equipped to handle any sort of crowd, small or large. No matter how many people attend the events, the system provides users with instant results. Each body temperature scan only takes about three seconds, and gives results with an accuracy of +/-0.5 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the multi-point detection feature that allows this level of accuracy, wherein the scanner focuses on 32 different points of the user’s face. The mask detection feature is ideal as well in situations where there is a crowd, where guests can be denied access to the venue if they aren’t wearing a mask. This ensures that everyone’s protected, thereby preventing the spread. 

It is also cost-effective for the event hosts to have the screening system, as another person won’t be needed to handle the device. It’s a contactless procedure that doesn’t require any active participation. It is a more ideal solution than pointing a handheld thermal scanner at the guests, as that proves to be an uncomfortable experience and makes it difficult to adhere to social distancing. 

Each unit comes with a wall mount, and can be set up or moved around within the banquet halls with ease. The device is ready to be used as soon as it’s plugged into the system, and only takes about 30 seconds to load and be ready for the first scan.