CovalonGuard Spray - Invisible Gloves

This antimicrobial hand sanitizer uses a patent-pending formula that keeps the main ingredient, BAC, active for 24 Hours. CovalonGuard Spray creates an antimicrobial film on the surface of the skin to kill pathogens throughout the day. CovalonGuard Spray is Health Canada approved and FDA cleared.

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CovalonGuard Spray Product

24 Hour Protection

One application will limit the transfer of pathogens from people and surfaces

Kills 99.99% of Bacteria & Germs

The BAC barrier from our formula continuously kills pathogens

Front-Line Benefits

Limit Transference

CovalonGuard Spray limits any transference of pathogens between people and surfaces for 24 hours with just one application.

Cost Savings

Since CovalonGuard Spray is effective with just one application, it requires less use and therefore less cost per application.

Protect Employees Safety

Supplying innovative safety solutions to staff working from home or in the offices wins appreciation and shows precautions industry leaders and management are using to protect their employees.

Alcohol Based Sanitizer Friendly

CovalonGuard Spray can be used adjunct to alcohol based sanitizer. CovalonGuard Spray's efficacy remains intact even when alcohol based sanitizer is applied on top of the spray.

Keep Your Business Open

Mitigate and avoid business shutdown and stigma associated with viral contamination.

Hand Washing Difficult

CovalonGuard protects "hot" zones; areas with restricted access to water for hand washing. CovalonGuard also reduces the hesitancy of using public facilities.

How it Works

CovalonGuard Spray is an antimicrobial hand sanitizer that uses a patent-pending formula to create a barrier of immediate and sustained protection from bacteria and germs for up to 24 hours after application. Unlike alcohol based sanitizers which is active for approximately 60 seconds.

The antimicrobial barrier is formulated upon application. The barrier kills 99.99% of microbes in less than 60 seconds and continues to do so for the next 24 hours. CovalonGuard dries clear, creating an invisible layer of protection. Your skin may feel "silky" smooth and softer after application.

Peer-reviewed studies documented the antiviral and antibacterial efficacy of benzalkonium chloride (BAC). This is the active ingredient within our spray. BAC is an antiseptic agent with activity against a variety of pathogenic viruses and bacteria. BAC is also used in disinfectant wipes, BAC- containing disinfectants inactivate SARS-CoV to below the limit of detection.***

***(Rabenau, HF, Kampf G, Cinatl J, Doerr HW. Efficacy of various disinfectants against SARS coronavirus. J Hosp Infect 2005;61:107–111)

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Press the pump head to spray liberally onto the palm of your hand (roughly about 3 sprays).


Rub hands together to ensure coverage throughout and allow the spray to dry. Reapply the spray as needed. We recommend reapplying the spray after hand washing.


Be protected with CovalonGuard Spray from transferring and receiving bacteria and viruses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it CovalonGuard better than alcohol based sanitizer?

Alcohol based hand sanitizer kills existing bacteria and is active for approximately 60 seconds. It also dries out the skin and has some toxicity. While CovalonGuard kills bacteria and is active for 24 hours.

The active ingredient is BAC. What is it?

BAC is Benzalkonium Chloride which has been in common usage as a pharmaceutical preservative and antimicrobial since the 1940's. It can be found in products such as:

Household cleaning products, personal care, moisturisers, make-up removers, shampoos and other hair products, wet wipes, antiseptics, eye drops, contact lens solutions, nasal sprays, asthma inhalers, and sterilization solutions for medical devices.

Is CovalonGuard Spray paraben free?

Yes. CovalonGuard Spray is not irritating to the skin and is non-toxic.

What happens if you use an alcohol sanitizer on top of CovalonGuard?

It is not necessary to use an alcohol sanitizer on top of CovalonGuard. However, if an alcohol based sanitizer is applied, reapplication of CovalonGuard is not required, but is ok to do so if one chooses to.

What is the difference between CovalonGuard and other BAC products?

The patent-pending antimicrobial sanitizing technology incorporates BAC in a unique lipid delivery system that can be applied to skin to immediately kill and provide sustained protection against viruses and bacteria. The invisible antimicrobial lipid barrier formed when CovalonGuard Spray is applied is designed to enhance the activity of BAC and preserve its ability to deactivate and kill pathogens for 24 hours.

Is CovalonGuard more expensive than alcohol based sanitiers?

It is not. The long-lasting effect of CovalonGuard allows for less use, which means less cost per application. A 100ml bottle can last for up to 2 months.

Does CovalonGuard Spray Expire?

CovalonGuard Spray has a 2 year shelf life.