Apartments & Condominiums

Having a temperature screening system in apartment complexes and condominiums will help immensely to prevent the spread of infection. It not only provides a layer of safety for the residents but also protects the employees and staff as well. With our screening system in place, you will be able to get instant and accurate results about each person’s body temperature. 

The device can be set-up to inform the user whether their body temperature is above the normal range or not, with each scan only taking about three seconds. With a multi-point detection feature, the device focuses on numerous points on the face, rather than a singular point. This allows for a more accurate and reliable reading of body temperatures. The actual set-up of the screening system is quite simple as well, with integration possible with turnstiles and doors to provide automatic access. 

Both tenants and employees have the option of using the facial recognition feature for identification each time they enter the building or condo. The entire process is contactless as well, which means no one needs to be at the entrance pointing a handheld scanner at each person that walks into the building. This saves individuals from the discomfort of having someone right in front of them with a pointed scanner, especially at a time of social distancing. 

Each unit comes with its own wall mount, which makes it ideal to set-up at any location possible. There is no additional software configuration required, along with alerting options that include a strobe light and siren.