Temperature Screening Devices for Factories & Plants

Along with the regular standards of safety and precaution, factories and plants now have to go the extra mile to protect employees and staff. Having a temperature screening system in place will help prevent the spread of COVID-19 among the factory workers and employers. 

Our temperature screening system not only provides users with a high accuracy level reading, but the results are instantaneous as well. Each body temperature scan only takes about three seconds and focuses on 32 different points on the individual’s face for a more reliable result. The entire process is contactless, which saves everyone from the uncomfortable experience from having a handheld scanner pointed at them. Since it is contactless, the device is also an optimal solution to help adhere to the social distancing rule between individuals. 

Each unit comes with a wall mount and is flexible with locations, which makes it a quick and simple set-up. The device is ready to use as soon as it is plugged into the system, with no additional software fix up needed. The screening system can be set to deny entry to workers into the factory if their body temperature is above the normal range. The same goes for mask detection as well, wherein access can be denied if individuals aren’t wearing a mask.  

Facial recognition and card scanner software is available to staff and employers, which allows for quick access and identification. The unit can also be integrated into turnstiles and doors in order to allow for automatic access.