Temperature Screeners for Gyms & Fitness Centres

The routine of getting in that workout at your favourite gym is one of the many things that has been impacted since COVID-19 hit. And though we’re all hoping that we can get that back eventually, there’s no doubt that it will be done with caution. One of those precautionary measures will be to screen body temperatures of gym members and employees. 

With our temperature screening system, the process is as simple as it gets. Not only does the system provide users with quick and accurate results, but it is a contactless process. Individuals want to feel completely at ease when they come to the gym. Which means not going through the uncomfortable moment of having someone point a handheld thermal scanner. Especially at a time when people are meant to be social distancing themselves. 

Thanks to the new multi-detection technology, the device focuses on 32 different points of the user’s face instead of a single point, which allows for a more accurate temperature reading. In addition, each scan only takes about 3 seconds, which is just the time-saving solution needed when so many people are going in and out of these places throughout the day. The gym members can also avail of the facial recognition and card scanner feature for easy identification and access. 

It is a fast and simple set-up to install the device and have it plugged into the system. There is no additional software configuration required and push notifications about the scan can be sent via email or SMS.