Temperature Screeners for Medical Clinics, Hospitals & Laboratories

Create a safe and secure environment for visitors and staff alike with our Thermal Guard Temperature Screening System. Instant results about body temperatures can be received with a high rate of accuracy. Along with being easy to set up, the procedure is contactless as well. Doctors and medical staff can get accurate data about their patients and anyone who enters the clinic, without any participation from individuals. 

Not only does it protect the staff and patients, but it also elevates the reputation of the clinic or hospital and gets to be seen as an extra-safe space. In addition, the system is easy to use with minimal set up required. Mounting our temperature screening system will prove to be a precautionary measure that helps medical staff take care of themselves and their patients. 

It adds to the comfort level of patients and prevents the spread of infection from those with a higher fever temperature reading. With the mask detection feature in our screening system, it can be set to deny access to those who aren’t wearing a mask. The employees also have the option to scan their ID on the reader and also get an immediate body temperature scan with the facial recognition software. 

Employers can monitor the past records of their staff as well, when it comes to the time they logged in for their shift, their temperature at the time and their photo, thereby adding in a further layer of safety.