Temperature Screening Devices for Libraries

Some of us are definitely counting down the days till we can head to the library and grab a favourite book or series. As such, it’s important that libraries everywhere, much like any other public venue, be prepared with the proper screening techniques in place. One way is to install an automatic temperature screening system, like the one offered by Thirty8 Degrees. 

Our temperature screening system offers contactless and quick temperature scans for every individual. The device can be set-up at the entrance of the library, with the settings set to deny entry to anyone who might have a higher than normal body temperature. The readings have a higher point of accuracy and reliability than a handheld thermal scanner. In addition, each scan is done in about three seconds. 

It is critical to maintain social distancing within the library as well. That’s where our screening system’s contactless feature comes in. Not only do visitors have a comfortable experience without having a handheld scanner pointed at them, but it is a cost-effective option as well. The mask detection system can be activated in the device and be used to deny access to the library to anyone not wearing a mask. 

The screening system’s set-up is quite simple with no additional internal configuration needed. And as it comes with a wall mount, it can be placed at any spot and moved around with ease. Facial recognition and card scan are a part of the system as well, which can be used by the employees before they begin their shift at the library.