Long Term Care Facilities

Those in long-term care facilities are even more vulnerable to COVID-19 and other diseases. With the help of our temperature screening system, you can safely monitor all the residents’ health and make for a safer atmosphere. The 32-point detection on an individual’s face allows it to give an even more accurate reading, unlike a handheld scanner. Not only is it cost-effective in the long run, but is also incredibly easy to install anywhere, including at care facilities. 

The system comes with a wall mount, with no additional software configuration required. This makes it the ideal unit to be set up in any location. Thanks to the convenience of the screening system being contactless, residents can avoid the discomfort of having someone use a handheld scanner or thermometer on them. The device helps with easy detection, as the results for each temperature reading are obtained quickly in about 3 seconds. 

Additionally, the screening system has facial recognition and a card reader software, which can be used by the employees at all times. Guests and staff can be scanned before entering the care facility and denied access if their temperature reading is above the set threshold. This is quite effective when it comes to spreading infection, thereby protecting the residents from further exposure. 

Since it is known that people may be infected without showing any symptoms, regularly monitoring the temperature of employees and guests will help prevent the illness from being transmitted to the residents.