Temperature Screening Devices for Malls & Retail Stores

One of the many adjustments that everyone has been getting used to is the lack of visits to shopping malls. Whether it’s for some window shopping, casual strolls with friends or dining at the foodcourt, trips to the mall used to be a constant for many of us. And as we prepare for it to get back to normal, it is also important to think about the safety measures, just like you would for any public space with a crowd. 

With the help of our temperature screening system, a visitor’s experience can be made all the more safer. The easy set-up and quick results with each scan ensures that each person entering the mall and store can be given an efficient temperature check-up. For places like malls and retail stores where crowds tend to form all at once, it is convenient to have a device that gives a temperature reading in only about three seconds. 

The device also assists in adhering to the social distancing rule, since no one is at the helm of the system and pointing it at someone within a few feet. The entire process is contactless and doesn’t require individual participation, which will help put both employees and visitors at ease. That further means it is cost-effective for the employers as well, since an additional individual does not have to be hired to handle the system. 

The installation and movement of the temperature screening system is quite flexible and easy, which means it can be set-up anywhere within minutes, depending on the crowd. Employees can take advantage of the facial recognition software, as well as the built-in card reader to scan their ID’s.