Touchless Temperature Screeners for Schools, Colleges & Universities

Students make up a large number of the at-risk population when it comes to COVID-19 and other diseases. It is important that all types of precautionary measures be taken at schools, colleges and universities to provide a safe learning environment. And that’s where our temperature screening system comes in. The system is designed to keep up with the large population of students and teachers when it comes to body temperature regulation. 

Each of the students’ and employees’ data can be entered into the screening system, allowing for a contactless scan each time they enter the school. This helps in preventing the spread of infection and protects both teachers and students alike. It is also cost-effective for the school, since another individual won’t need to be hired to handle the system. This contactless system is also comfortable for a student’s experience, as they wouldn’t have to worry about a handheld scanner being used on them. 

The device provides instantaneous results, with each person being able to have a scan in about three seconds. This particular feature is especially handy, seeing as a large number of students and teachers would have to be scanned on the go. Teachers and other staff can take advantage of the facial recognition software, thanks to the advanced imaging technology. 

The temperatures of parents and any other guests entering the school premises can be scanned as well, hence making sure that the infection doesn’t spread from any outside contact.