Temperature Screeners for Theatres & Music Venues

Once movie theatres and concert halls reopen everywhere, it will be necessary to ensure that both visitors and employees are in a safe environment. While it seems like we may have to live with COVID-19 as a part of our lives for a long time, taking the right precautions can help prevent the spread. One such way is to have a body temperature screening system in place. 

By installing our screening system, users can get instant and accurate results about their body temperatures. Each scan only takes about three seconds and focuses on multi-point detection on the individual’s face. It is a contactless procedure that doesn’t require anyone to handle the device directly. This saves visitors the uncomfortable experience of having someone point a handheld thermal scanner at them, while at the same time, helping to stick to social distancing. 

The device can be set up to deny entrance to the theatre to anyone who might have body temperature above the normal range. This helps to keep any potential COVID-19 victims away from the others and prevent the spread. Another feature is mask detection, where visitors can also be denied entry if they aren’t wearing a mask. This ensures that every single visitor adheres to the ‘wear a mask’ rule. 

It is easy to install and set-up and ready for use as soon as it’s plugged into the system. The alerting options include a siren, strobe light and popup notification on any PC system. Having such a device in place will help to provide reassurance for both visitors and employers and make them feel safe.