Temperature Screening Devices for Tourist Attractions

As parks, beaches and other tourist attractions have started to reopen everywhere, the need for the right temperature screening system can’t be denied. In the present time of social distancing, it has been advised to avoid forming a crowd if possible. That is why regular temperature screening is of critical importance, as it helps to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

Our temperature screening system is capable of doing numerous scans at a quick pace, with each scan taking about 3 seconds. It can be set up and installed at the entrance of any tourist attraction spot, as it will then scan and read each individual’s body temperature while they wait in line. The device settings can be adjusted to deny entry to any visitor who has a higher temperature than the normal body temperature range. This not only keeps the other visitors safe but also protects the employees, due to contactless scanning. 

Going to visit most tourist attractions means an increased risk of the spread of infection. Having a temperature screening system like ours that is location friendly and flexible ensures early detection of anyone that might have even a slightly higher body temperature. The installation is an easy process with no additional software setup required. 

Mask detection is one of the most prominent features of our device as well. Those without a mask can be denied access, thereby ensuring every visitor complies with the  ‘wear a mask’ rule.