Temperature Screeners for Spas & Salons

It’s safe to say that we all miss those luxurious days at the spa, feeling pampered and relaxed. And although everyone is wishing for it to get back to normal, it’s important to be safe and protected during these circumstances. Installing a body temperature screening system at spas will help to provide a safe experience for visitors.

The Thirty8 Degrees’ screening system is optimised for instant and accurate results. With each scan only taking about 3 seconds per person, the body temperature readings are calibrated with an accuracy level of +/-0.5 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also a contactless process, that doesn’t require any active participation from the user. This in turn eradicates the need to have someone to handle the device or point a handheld thermal scanner at the customer. It is yet another feature that allows both spa visitors and employees to stick to social distancing.

There are plenty of alert options available for the employer as well, which include a siren and popup notification on a PC system. The device is easy to set up and each unit comes with its own wall mount. It only needs about 30 seconds to load once it’s plugged into the system, after which it’s ready for the first scan. Spa employees have the facial recognition and card scanner features available to them for quick identification and access.

Mask detection allows the employer to deny entry to anyone who isn’t wearing a mask when arriving at the spa. This will help ensure that both customers and staff are practising the ‘wear a mask’ rule for the safety of those around them.