Temperature Screening Devices for Hotels

Ever since the rise of COVID-19, like many other industries, the hospitality sector hasn’t been immune to the situation either.  Although it is going to be a long while before travel for leisure becomes regular again, things are slowly on the verge of opening up. So that is why it is of utmost importance to ensure a safe and pleasant time for guests and employees alike, and that begins with regular temperature screening.  

With our screening system in place, guests can be screened immediately and quickly as they enter hotels. This will help alert hotel staff of any and all potentially infected individuals, thereby stopping the spread of the infection right at the start. This allows for a safe experience for both the staff and other guests staying at the hotel as well. This  body temperature device focuses on 32 different points on the face, which makes it provide a much more accurate reading. 

The device is a cost-effective option for the hotel as well, seeing as each scan is automatic and contactless, hence eliminating the need for someone to handle it. The unit can be integrated with turnstiles and doors to increase automatic access. Having the most accurate temperature screening system in place will make guests feel more welcomed and safe during their stay.