Temperature Screeners for Stadiums & Golf Clubs

The world of sports has been put on pause ever since the escalating COVID-19 situation. With golf clubs now reopening, sports stadiums will soon be following suit. In order to protect everyone involved, including employees, team players and audience members, having a temperature screening system in place is a step towards the right direction. 

Our screening system is the ideal solution for any of these locations, given the ability to conduct numerous scans in a short period of time. Each scan only takes about three seconds to give results, with an accuracy of +/-0.5 Fahrenheit. The device can be set to deny access to any individual who has a higher body temperature than the normal range. This ensures safety and protection for other people present at the stadiums and clubs. 

The entire process is contactless and doesn’t require any active participation. This allows for a more comfortable experience for both visitors, staff and players alike without having someone point a handheld thermal scanner. 

Facial recognition and card scanners are also some of the features that can be used to employees to get a quick scan each time they enter the premises. Each unit comes it’s own wall mount, with a simple installation, which makes it convenient to set-up at one spot or move around with ease. There is flexibility with the alerting options and push notifications as well, which include a siren and pop-up notification that can be delivered via email or SMS.